COUNTRY : Germany


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PRESENTATION : For more than 25 years, the Berlin-based Centre for Refugee Help and Migrant Services (Zentrum für Flüchtlingshilfen und Migrationsdienste – zfm) has been acting in the area of psychosocial care for refugees and migrants. Under the umbrella of the Centre "Überleben", the zfm works with the Berlin Treatment Centre for Torture Victims (bzfo), the Überleben Foundation for Torture Survivors and the non-profit organization Catania GmbH since 2008.

The zfm staff, consisting of a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, social workers, medical staff and lawyers, provides a broad range of services including social and legal assistance, psychosocial and psychological counselling, job qualification measures, vocational training and cultural work. Over 4.000 refugees and migrants from all over the world - the majority comes from former Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq - make use of zfm services each year.

The centre is strongly committed to improving the health care and living standard conditions of refugees and migrants, particularly of women, minors, the elderly, traumatised and disabled persons. Together with local, regional, national and European partners the centre has been actively lobbying for the rights of those vulnerable groups.

The zfm also maintains an outpatient centre in the region of Brandenburg where social services and treatment are offered.

CONTACTS : Dr Boris Friele
Nadine Essmat
ADDRESS : Zentrum für Flüchtlingshilfen und Migrationsdienste (zfm)
im Zentrum Überleben
Turmstraße 21, Haus K, Eingang D
10559 Berlin