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PRESENTATION : France terre d'asile, is an independent and non-religious NGO.

Right from its creation in 1971, France terre d'asile's main objectives have been not only to maintain and develop one of the oldest French traditions, that of asylum, but also to guarantee the application of all the related international conventions.

In 2007, France terre d'asile broadened its field of action by modifying its statutes. It now offers its help to all persons in a legal migrant situation, particularly to those corresponding to the definition of refugee" and "stateless" person, established by the 28th of July 1951 Convention and completed by article 1 of the 31st of January 1961 New York Protocol and the 30th August 1961 New York Convention.

It also helps people that do not have the legal status of a refugee or stateless person.

France terre d'asile works especially on the following topics :

  • Promoting the right to asylum and providing a perspective on common interests on migratory issues, both in France and in the rest of Europe
  • The social and administrative assistance to asylum seekers and migrants : France terre d'asile welcomes, informs and orients asylum seekers and legal migrants. From the beginning of the procedure until the obtaining or not of refugee status, it provides them with administrative and social aid
  • The reception of asylum seekers : France terre d'asile manages more than 30 reception centres for asylum seekers (CADA). This is where the asylum seekers are accommodated and where the social and administrative assistance takes place
  • The reception and protection of unaccompanied children : France terre d'asile manages several services for unaccompanied children. These establishments offer legal, administrative and financial aid to unaccompanied children and provide analyses directed towards the public authorities concerned.
  • The integration of refugees and regular migrants : Besides the management and consolidation of the actions in the field of social and professional integration, housing and empowerment of all the relevant persons, France terre d'asile develops numerous innovative projects, especially within the Ile-de-France platform for the Promotion of integration through mobility (PRIM)
  • The training of professionals : France terre d'asile offers training courses related to the social and professional integration of refugees and migrants, as well as to the legal, social and psychological aspects of the accompaniment of asylum- seekers, refugees and regular migrants.
  • The legal assistance of the foreigners detained in the four of twenty four French detention centers

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CONTACTS : Véronique LAY
Radolsaw Ficek
Aude Lecouturier
ADDRESS : France terre d’asile
24 rue Marc Seguin (4ème étage)
75018 PARIS

Parcours d'Exil

Logo Parcours d'Exil

PRESENTATION : Parcours d'exil is a rehabilitation centre based in Paris and operating since 2001. Parcours d'exil provides holistic rehabilitation to survivors of torture from more than 50 countries. Holistic rehabilitation includes medical, psychological, social & vocational support. The different therapeutical approaches include group therapy, art therapy and family therapy.

The majority of our patients are either asylum seekers or refugees who have no other choice but to flee their home country in order to save their own life. Our work is driven by a desire to highlight the numerous strengths, the incredible potential, and the extraordinary resourcefulness that these men, women and children demonstrate at the end of an essential period of self-reconstruction. Their autonomy, perseverance and courage upon which they had to draw to resist, survive and safely arrive in Europe are also great boons to the country that provides them refuge.

Parcours d'exil aims at supporting survivors to recover as full a life as possible.

Since 2010, Parcours d’exil has been leading the PROTECT and the PROTECT-ABLE projects.

CONTACTS : Jérôme Boillat
ADDRESS : 12 rue de la Fontaine au Roi
75011 Paris