COUNTRY : Netherlands



PRESENTATION : Pharos is the knowledge and advisory centre for migrants, refugees and people with limited health literacy. Our knowledge and expertise focus on health care as a whole and all other areas relevant to health. We are also the national knowledge centre for the prevention of female genital mutilation. Pharos expertise is based on three sources: scientific knowledge, knowledge of experts; knowledge from experience.

In our view, the issue of health care for migrants is a common issue of quality and effectiveness. We work together with migrants and refugees, health care providers, health insurers, municipalities and many other stakeholders.

Pharos was previously involved in the Care Full project (2005-2010) and the MAPP   initiative (Project Asylum seekers with Psychiatric Problems) and is currently supporting IMMO (Netherlands Institute for Human Rights and Medical Assessment). Pharos provides trainings about early identification of victims of trauma to asylum authorities (IND), asylum lawyers, health care professionals and volunteers of Dutch Council for Refugees.

CONTACTS : Evert Bloemen
Erick Vloeberghs
ADDRESS : Arthur van Schendelstraat 620 – 3512KB – Utrecht
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