PRESENTATION : Accem is an N.G.O., a Non-profit Making Organisation that provides attention and reception to refugees and immigrants in Spain promoting its social and labour integration, as well as equal rights and duties of everyone regardless of its origin, sex, race, religion, opinions or social group.

Since February 1991, Accem is registered as Non-profit Making Organisation in the Minister of Interior, with the number 97.521. Nevertheless, its course of development and experience on the support and help areas towards the refugees and migrants dated from half of the past century.

Accem shows itself as a specialized entity on the work linked to the right of asylum and migrations, consolidated and transparent, with a methodology and proven praxis, and with its sights sets on the effective and full social integration of the refugees and immigrants.

Accem guarantees the interculturality and the defence of the fundamental rights in a democratic framework, constituting as a valid interlocutor for the mediation among the different social actors.

Our entity acquires with its work a relevant role on the promotion of the citizenship, with a special attention to the refugees and immigrants communities, looking for the complicity of the social setting and the territory to strength its social leading role.

CONTACTS : Reyes Castillo
Teresa De Gasperis
ADDRESS : Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta, 2
28004 Madrid